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Skin Care

Our holistic approach to attaining beauty taps into the best of nature by combining natural and certified organic ingredients with breakthrough advanced skin care. Allow our skin care experts to recommend the proper home care program to help you maintain your skin’s health and youthful appearance.


The Spa Hydrafacial

A definitive in reemerging and combination innovation incorporated with bleeding edge item fixings. This non-intrusive treatment implants your skin with glycolic and salicylic corrosive for profound shedding and feeds your skin with cancer prevention agents, peptides and hyaluronic corrosive to renew your skin.

Pure Hydrafacial

Combining organic seaweed, along with unique and original massage throughout the facial creates an experience in deep hydration and nourishment with immediate results. Includes cutting edge exfoliation using an integrated blend of aha’s.  deep relaxation is an integral part of this facial.

Skin repair And Firming Facial

Restore clarity and radiance with this introductory facial.  Ideal for the first time spa-goer or a new Woodhouse guest who simply wants a taste of the goodness we have to offer.

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