Pearl Slider

We are proud to present the custom and easy-to-use Pearl Slider, coded on Angular JS.

Pearl Slider Overview

Effortlessly create and manage responsive slideshows with seamless transitions. Instantly preview your slider, recolor and reposition text, and watch your homepage take form.

Create and Customize Sliders

Easily create and manage responsive slideshows with Pearl Slider. Click on the Stm slider and click here to add a new slider button to create a new slider.

Advanced Slider Settings

A Pearl Slider has more options, such as Slider source, Slider width, Additional settings, Slider Height, Enable navigation, etc. You can create your own custom Slider using these settings.

Create and Customize Sliders

With Pearl Slider, you can create a full-size slider or a boxed slider, or you can use your posts to display in a slider, and you can also use more animation effects.

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