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Pearl Mega Menu

Don’t expect a great angle to present itself to you—you’ve got to think about it.

Pearl Mega Menu Overview

Using Pearl Mega Menu you can easily build any header layout for your website. install Pearl Header Builder, and with the help of Pearl Header Builder you can create your own menu.
mega menu

Width Options

A Mega Menu has more options, such as type, columns, background parameters, etc. You can create your own custom Mega Menu using these settings.
mega menu mega menu

You can set the Mega Menu background image and you can fill out option fields and page settings for your pages.

Item Options

As well as Mega Menu has options for an overview of the company.
mega menu mega menu mega menu

You can set the company logo or custom image and you can fill out a piece of brief information about your company.

List Options

Pearl has a ready-made Mega Menu with examples of pages, events and contacts, but if you want to use your own, you can use your Mega Menu.
mega menu mega menu mega menu

if you want to change the ready parameters of the Mega Menu, it’s very simple, step by step you can adjust the parameters of the mega-menu, such as example pages, events, contacts, etc.

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