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For something as fun as makeup, it tends to be at the center of a lot of controversy. Women who choose to wear it are sometimes accused of “lying,” while others are viewed as lacking confidence. It’s a sad reality, but these kinds of accusations often shame ladies from layering on the foundation and mascara that might make them feel a bit better about themselves in the morning (or that they just straight-up love).

  • 2003

    Goldy Sanders comes to New York

    Today`s salons are about more than just cutting hair. So when you are looking through a beauty salon supply catalog, website or showroom, there are some items you should consider that will put you a cut above your competition.

  • 2005

    She opens a small hair salon for little girls naming it Cinderella

    One of the ways to look for cheap beauty salon equipment is to search for wholesale salon packages that offers a whole complete set of salon equipment at reasonable prices. Just be checking out these packages, you will be able to fully equip your beauty salon without have a big headache of searching everyone for one set of equipments to another.

  • 2008

    Cinderella becomes a popular place with reservation list

    Beauty salon business is sprouting everywhere. It is not surprising that many people are engaging on this type business nowadays because starting a beauty salon has minimum requirements. Putting up a beauty salon or a spa treatment facility focuses on finding a suitable place and setting up efficient beauty equipments.

  • 2012

    Cinderella extends services range for grown-ups

    The beauty industry is a business that is not gravely affected by any economic crisis. Naturally, women will purchase beauty products or use their money to make beauty improvements. The women need to be beautiful is also not influenced by their economic status.

  • 2017

    Cinderella wins the Award for "The Best Beauty Salon"

    Beauty is an ever booming business that will never see a lack in customers because women and even men will continue to go to beauty salons for a new hairdo, for a manicure, a pedicure or even a tan. So, whether there is a depression or not, women (and some men) will still go to beauty salons to have their fix.