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About us

The places where guys can feel comfortable and receive great services along with excellent grooming are always in demand and popular. Keeping this in mind, we decided to create a special barber shop where all the traditions of classical barbering will be preserved. Since 2014 our team has been serving clients from Los Angeles city City and beyond.

Today Pearl Barber Shop Los Angeles city is one of the best full service barber shops in los angeles city and is located at 3 West 21th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenue in Los Angeles City.


Barber & Hair stylist

Classic haircut
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Deluxe haircut
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Kids haircut
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Beard trim
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Mustache trim
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Hair color
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Why choose us

Our mission to keep you looking and feeling your best with a variety of barbering services that cater to your personal needs, goals, and preferences. We recognize the importance of perfectly styled hair that fits your personality. This is what we strive to accomplish while bringing comfort and convenience throughout your entire experience.

We welcome walk-ins and appointments – Pearl BarberShop.



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